Question: How To Get Rid Of Predictive Text On Ios 10?

Tap and hold the language key (the one that looks like a globe or possibly an Emoji smile face) and set the toggle for “Predictive” to off.

If, like mine you do not get the option to change the keyboard on your messages app.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Predictive.

Here you can switch it off.

How do you delete words from predictive text on iPhone?

To reset your keyboard dictionary, head into your iPhone’s settings and tap on General. Scroll down till you see Reset and tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary. You’ll then be prompted to enter your passcode (if you have one set) and then have the option to fully reset the predictive words from showing up.

How do I delete words from autocorrect?

After that, scroll down until you see a tab that says ‘Personal dictionary’ and select that. Select the language you use to text, and then find the word you want to change/delete from your autocorrect settings. Select it and then hit the trash can icon at the top right corner of the screen.

How do I get rid of Google suggestions on my iPhone?

Delete your activity manually

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app .
  • At the top, tap Data & personalization.
  • Under “Activity and timeline,” tap My Activity.
  • At the top right of the page, tap More Delete activity by.
  • Below “Delete by date,” tap the Down arrow All time.
  • Tap Delete.

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