Question: How To Display Battery Percentage On Windows 10?

Add the battery icon to the taskbar in Windows 10.

To check the status of your battery, select the battery icon in the taskbar.

Select Start > Settings > Personalization > Taskbar, and then scroll down to the notification area.

Choose Select which icons appear on the taskbar, and then turn on the Power toggle.

How do I get my battery percentage to show on my laptop?

Press and hold or right-click an empty area on the taskbar, and then tap or click Properties. Under the Taskbar tab, under Notification Area, click Customize Tap or click Turn system icons on or off.

Why is my battery icon not showing?

If you can’t see the battery icon on the Windows notification area, it might be a system setting issue. In the Settings window, on the right-side of the Taskbar tab, scroll down to the Notification area section and click the Turn system icons on or off link. Find the Power entry and set the toggle switch to ON.

Why has my battery icon disappeared Windows 10?

If the Battery Icon Missing from Taskbar in Windows 10 , please follow these steps: For this right click on taskbar, open ‘settings’ – click on ‘Select which icons appear on the taskbar’ option – make sure that the ‘Power’ icon is turned on.

Why is the battery power icon option grayed out in Windows?

Sometimes the battery power icon or the option to enable the battery power icon in Windows can become grayed out, and doesn’t allow you to interact with it. The cause for a greyed out icon or option can be due to multiple reasons.

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